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Cloud: Usages for College Students: Cloud Basics

Introduction to cloud options and services.

Cloud & Research

Cloud. This simple term refers to the visual, vapor and atmospheric gases around us. In daily life clouds may bring precipitous, stormy weather, and people have used cloud to describe unfortunate circumstances in our lives, "...A cloud hanging over your head..."

Again we have borrowed a descriptive term of nature to explain a concept that does not have form, it exists as nebulous, vaporous ideas and concepts. Cloud's newest meaning is as a reference to storing and accessing digital information through the technology of the Internet. There are numerous technologies and applications/programs that support this endeavor. However, you, the user, just need access! Many services are being offered with free minimal storage capacity, while other Cloud options will store purchased digital resources for free-unlimited. Currently, the big ones are AmazonCloud, iCloud, SkyDrive and Google Cloud; they generally offer free 3-5 GB (gigabytes) of storage capacity.

Are you using the Cloud?

You are probably already using the Cloud, you just may not know it. Oncourse stores your resources and allows you access to educational resources for your classes. It fits the idea of cloud storage. Other available options for storage include an IU-Box account & IUWare Online software. And these are just for your education. If you have i-Phones and i-Pads you backup your resources to the i-Cloud. This is just the beginning of your Cloud experiences...


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