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Searching in IUCAT: Using IUCAT

This guide provides help in using IUCAT to locate books and other items owned by the Library.

Logging Into IUCAT

IUCAT ( is the online catalog for Indiana University. You can search IUCAT without logging in or you can log in using your IUE username and password.  IVY TECH Community College Students and others use the Guest Access link in the image below.

By logging in, you activate the Request Delivery function. You will also get access to My Account where you can renew books and see what you have checked out.

The IUCAT Search Screen

The basic search screen lets you choose three different ways to search. You can search by "title" or by "author". These are exact searches that you would use if you are looking for a specific item. The third type of search is a "keywords anywhere" search. This is the type of search you choose when you want to find all of the books on a subject, or, if you do not know the exact title or who the author is.

If you are looking for items that are available from the IU East Library, then make sure East Library, Richmond is selected under the "library" option. If you select "ALL" then it will search the entire IU library system.

The box to the right, will let you choose other types of searches. You would use this when you are looking for a specific format other than for books, such as video titles or journals.

The Results

Books in IUCAT will come in two formats. The print version, which you can check out and take with you, and the electronic version (e-book) which is available as a link to a website where you can get access to the entire book online.

#13 is an example of a book we own in the library (copy available at East Library - Richmond (EAST) in Stacks). #14 is an example of an electronic book (copy available at Electronic resources available in all locations (ONLINE) in World Wide Web).

The Book Record

The book record provides detailed information about the book.

Provided are the author, title, publishing information, descriptive information, subject headings and most importantly: Holdings.

This is the location that tells the call number, which directs you to where the book is available. Need help understanding call numbers? Then download this guide. You can also use the "text call #" feature and have the call number sent to your cell phone.

You might want to create a list of books that you will save to your computer or print out. To start the list, click on the “Keep to print/email/save” button to start the list or, if you already have a list, click on the "Add to My List" button.

You can also click on the "Request Delivery" link to request a copy of a book that the library does not own but another IU library does. The book will be sent to the IU East Library for you to pick up.

The Electronic Resource Record

Just like the print book record, the electronic book record provides the same kinds of detailed information.

The electronic book will also have a URL. Click on this link to go to the full text electronic version of the book. Some will provide specific links for IU East. Because we have several different e-book vendors, there are different interfaces depending on the vendor. This e-book comes from ebrary.


A great feature of electronic books is the feature that lets you search the entire text of the book. That way, you only need to read the relevant parts of the book.

Finding More Information

The “Request Delivery” button is used to request items that are not available in the IU East Library. By clicking on this button, you can request for the item to be sent to you to pick up at the IUE Library. There is no charge for this.

You can click on the “Google Book Search” to see the information available in Google. It will generally show you the cover of the book and could contain book reviews.

If your search provides you with a multitude of results, you can narrow them down using the Limits suggested. For example, we might want to look at the sociological implications of gun control or even the economic history of gun control.

My Account

The My Account feature of IUCAT lets you see what you have checked out. You can also renew books from here. Also, if you have requested any items using "Request Delivery" there is information on that here as well.

Didn't find what you were looking for? Contact the Campus Library LibGuide administrator email. Phone-765-973-8311 for assistance.

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